Custom designed, developed background scenes, produced for schools and drama studios.

Project a scene or image against a wall or screen 

Scenes can be custom designed and created as 21:9 ratio widescreen format or standard 16:9 ratio, which is perfect for most overhead projectors. In some cases your overhead projector can only display a 4:3 ratio, which is fine, we can adapt the designs for your needs. 

Note: Set your projector up to display the full area available. Your projector should have a high lumen output - the higher the output the better it will display in a lit area (low lumen count will not display the image or video vividly). Anything from 2000 lumen will be ideal. You should also ensure that the stage lights do not display onto the background screen/wall as this will also dim the background scenery. The best is to play around with the stage setup until you get to a balance of stage light and projector display properties. We do not rent or provide any hardware.

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