Order today and receive your designs in 1 to 2 weeks.




We discuss your requirements and evaluate how many scenes need to be designed.


We provide you with a quotation based on the amount of images and video file requirements.


We do the designs. Upon completion, we provide you with the image and video pack for your show. 

Ordering and billing

The background scenes are designed for your show, therefor, you will need to identify what screens and look and feel you will require. We can assist you in this regard by providing recommendations, where after the design process can commence. On average, plays usually have approximately 5 - 10 scenes for the duration of the play. We design the screens according to your requirements and can provide it as a 21:9 or 16:9 aspect ratio images or video clips.

Once the scenes have been identified and you have confirmed your order, we commence. Most clients have a mix-match approach whereby half of the scenes are static images and the rest are motion graphic video files. You simply place your order via email to sales@scenedesign.co.za and confirm what you need and we bill you accordingly to commence the design process. We work on a 70% deposit to start the design process and upon completion, bill you the balance for payment in order to submit the clips to you. We will showcase the clips / images prior to final invoicing in order for you to confirm correctness. In the event that you require more scenes after the initial order, a normal billing process will be added to the project whereby you will need to pay upfront for those design. We are VAT registered and all billing includes VAT. Once an order has been received, we will invoice you accordingly. The banking details will be reflected on the invoice for EFT processing (no online payments via PayPal, Payfast etc. accepted at this point in time). Once we have received your initial payment, we will commence. If you are paying via a VAT registered company, please provide us your business details and VAT registration number in order to have all your details correctly included as part of the invoice submitted to you.

Once the ordering process has been concluded, we schedule the designs. The delivery time of the designs will be approximately 5 - 10 working days, dependent on feedback and quantity requirements. Upon completion of the design process, we will send you your files via www.wetransfer.com. You will receive an email to confirm your download. Once you have downloaded the files, you can use it for your play. Please consult or contact us in the event that the download process was problematic where after we will send the files either to via another email address or via another submission process.

Professional design and final production artwork

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